Our database offers a wide variety of options for sale of apartments, houses, shops, offices, warehouses, buildings, farms, colonial properties and more.

The advice of our staff specializes in: Legal, Finance, Studio Title, Promises Purchase and Processing of Deeds Procedures.

property appraisal

Our staff has enough experience in this field, we work in partnership with certain corporations, banks and private professionals in the city of Cartagena de Indias, with only defines the closest to the reality of your property market value.

Restoration of Historical properties

We have the experienced and professionally qualified team to carry out the restoration of the property you purchase and that is classified as historical heritage.

Remodeling Properties

We have the experience to carry out the possible remodeling that you want to make to your property. We can display a complete catalog of works, and offer a complete service.

Integral Property Management

  • * Maintenance to property, according to quotes and budget (if necessary)

  • * Toilet General every week of good.

  • * Payment of utilities and management fees.

  • * Shipping monthly account statement through electronic reports in PDF format.

  • * Property preparation service for your arrival.