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Property Code: 26078

Property details

Code 26078
Lot Area 540 (Mts2)
Location Centro
Operation For Sale
Built Area 1220 (Mts2)
Price US$3,863,826
Drawing roomYes
Room serviceNo
Dinning roomYes


Colonial Boutique House in one of the most important streets of San Diego located a few meters from Parque Fernández Madrid in the Historic Center | Built area: 1220 m2.

This boutique house in the Historic Center of Cartagena is an ideal option for those looking for a more personalized and authentic travel experience. With its intimate atmosphere and its focus on comfort and service, this house offers a luxurious getaway in the heart of one of the most historical and culturally rich cities in Latin America.

PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION: This beautiful house located in the Historic Center has a lot area of 540 m2 and a constructed area of approximately 1220 m2 which are distributed as follows:

The Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias is rich in history and culture. Founded in the 16th century, the city was an important colonial port and one of the main centers of commerce in Latin America. For centuries, Cartagena attracted traders, pirates, and slaves from around the world, resulting in a unique blend of cultural influences.

The colonial architecture of the Historic Center is a reflection of its rich history. With its cobblestone streets, lively squares, historic churches, and restored colonial buildings, the neighborhood is a true cultural treasure. In addition, the Historic Center houses some of the most important monuments of the city, such as the Clock Tower, the San Felipe de Barajas Castle and the Cathedral.

The Historic Center is a vibrant and charming place that combines the rich history and culture of the city with a privileged and modern location. With its wide range of restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and nightlife, this neighborhood is the perfect place for those looking for an authentic experience of the city. In addition, real estate in the Historic Center tends to have a high value, which makes it an excellent long-term investment.

In this very exclusive sector of Colombia, the investment is directed mostly to the purchase of restored houses, houses to be restored, or house lots classified as ruins of the historic center. Regardless of the state of the property, you can invest in one of these houses in the old city, to give it a residential, commercial or hotel tourist use.

Privileged location: It is in the heart of the city and close to restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and other amenities.

High resale value: Real estate in the Historic Center is in high demand, which means that its value is likely to increase over time.

History and culture: Living in the Historic Center means being surrounded by the rich history and culture of the city.


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